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  1. 75 year anniversary of Diplomatic Wireless Service


    ...Foreign Office circular to all posts, stating: ‘From the 1st April, 1946, the wireless telegraph service hitherto described as “Government Wireless” which provides direct wireless communication between Foreign Office and...

  2. Privacy notice


    ...content when we receive an information request, such as a Freedom of Information Request, comments, compliments or complaints, we may generate a file – this normally contains the identity of...

  3. Video conference safely

    Blog collaborate with co-workers virtually. During the past 16 months, we’ve become used to working fully online and using various video conferencing tools as a way to stay connected with...

  4. Detecting hidden cameras at work


    Surveillance devices can be freely bought online nowadays and concealed in a variety of everyday household objects. For most people, the reason is completely innocent for buying one. Whether that’s...

  5. Real-life Qs Give Their Take on 007’s Gadgets


    ...number of labs and teams comprising of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, forming a melting pot of ideas where innovation is the main objective”. Image courtesy of